Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Cute Todd Kids!

Marni and her children gave her husband a very thoughtful Father's Day created by Aimee Sa!  ;)  I had the pleasure of playing with these three cuties downtown and around to create some fun, personality-filled images!  After going over some of the print and product choices she decided that the gifts would be 12 month wall calendars.  What a great idea!  I hadn't ordered any calendars before so I had no clue how nice the quality would be!  The printed images were beautiful and the paper quality was better than expected.  I will DEFINITELY be creating a few of those for my family around the holiday season.  Enjoy some of the fun we had that day...

Was hoping by revisiting some photos in the snow that I would cool off a little.  So far...not working.  I hate to rush time, because Lord knows there is never enough of it, but I am really ready for fall.  I'm working on a date in October to take my annual sessions up in the Shaver Lake area.  The colors change much sooner up there than they do down here and the backdrops for portraits are amazing!  If you and your family are already planning a trip up to the area let me know and I can plan to be up there as well.  559-799-8822

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Yesterday was a very good day!  It was "Hair Day" which means I get to go down to Sage Suites Salon and visit Danny Burden.  He has opened his own place in one of the suites and has it looking very fresh and modern.  I think my favorite part of Hair Day is having my hair shampooed.  Mmmmm...feels so goooood!  I always walk out of there much more relaxed then when I arrived.  After our visit while waiting for my color to process (OMG, did you think I was a natural blonde?!  The only thing natural about my hair is the frizzy curl it has when I let it air dry) and after we solve the problems of the world with our intellect and wit, I leave with happy, pretty hair!  Ok, I changed my mind.  That's my favorite part of Hair Day!  My daughter has dubbed him "Super Stylist!"

Saturday, April 27, 2013

I'm back!

Wow!  I didn't realize how long it had been since I last posted to this blog!  Life has certainly been busy this last year.  I can't even begin to post photos of all of the sessions and weddings from the last year but I will work on highlighting some of my best work and also some of the more entertaining episodes of a day in the life...

One of the most elaborate events I have had the pleasure to photograph was an Indian engagement party.  Very ornate and colorful; a photographer's dream!  The floral and decor design was done by none other than the very talented Jessie Casas, designer and owner at JJBlooms.  Although based in our small town, he has worked for years in the Los Angeles area and brings the style and elegance you would expect from a fine event design firm from the big city.  He is also PERSONALITY-PLUS!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Pilkinton Family

Wednesday was cold and gray but Gia's bright red tutu dress helped to brighten the afternoon!  I took this family literally drudging through the dirt and mud to take their portraits at a spot with some rustic backdrops.  Lulu was wanting something a little different than the average editing so I cranked up the contrast and played around with color on some of the shots.  Can't wait for her to see them all and choose a couple for me to play around with a little more!  Creative photoshop = FUN!!! 

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Cooper and Jackson 18 Months

Doesn't get more fun than toddlers throwing dirt clods, checking out the livestock, and playing in a big tractor.  Cooper and Jackson are twins and have unique personalities.  I had so much fun capturing their personalities on our morning in the country.  Total boys, they loved throwing rocks, swinging sticks (sometimes at brother's head) and making the best monster and truck noises.  If you look closely at one of Jackson's images, you can see the slobber dripping out as a result of said noises!  Awesome!!!